Nutrient water pollution

Nutrient water pollutionNutrient water pollution is regarded as pricey, frequent and perilous threat to the environment in many areas. The presence of large amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen in both the ambience and the aquatic areas is the thing that leads to it. The components discussed in the previous sentence are known to be part of the ecosystems on earth. The elements N and P boost the thriving of algae and plants. This is believed to be something positive as thanks to these two, fish and other aquatic species provide themselves with proper nourishment. That the No 7 element is a big part of the air we breathe so as to live is also a well-known truth.

However, nothing which is too much is good. This is valid too when it comes to the increased quantities of the elements causing the above-mentioned problems. The presence of nitrogen and phosphorous is rocketing mainly due to our activities and is resulting in the deterioration of the natural well-being. Huge numbers of rivers and lakes are suffering more and more these days. We are bitterly affected and many health problems may occur.

It was already mentioned that algae are good for the aquatic inhabitants but when their quantities are more than large, they turn out to be far from innocuous. The fish and other species need oxygen but so do the algae- even in bigger quantities. The so-called blooms deprive the fish and the other inhabitants of access to oxygen and, as a result, they either get ill or die out. We are likely to be influenced too due to the fact that different types of bacteria and toxins may come into contact with us, mostly after drinking, and cause diseases.

Nutrients consumed by us after drinking can be dangerous for our health condition even when their concentration is not that significant. The more substantial nitrogen quantities in the ambient air generate ozone or ammonia which in turn can affect our capability of breathing. What is more, in the cases in which the excessive nitrogen goes back on the ground, it has a negative effect on the soils, the forests us once again.

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