Oxygen depletingThis is a problem which has been brought about by the multitudinous microorganisms which can be found in the water. In the cases in which various substances are mixed in the respective aquatic body, the microorganisms there also surge. They are known to consume the entire amount of oxygen which results in the death of all the other organisms which are not dangerous. At some point only the deleterious microorganisms remain and they are the ones to bear the responsibility for the accrual of toxic substances which in turn damage our health.

Ocean oxygen depletion water pollution

So far it has become clear that without О2 there is no life. Dead zones is the term used when we refer to the parts of the oceans which are left with little or no oxygen. In these places, there are no marine animals simply because they cannot survive under such conditions. The hypoxia zones are expanding at an alarming speed. Researchers have said that they will have a negative effect on us in the long run. Some experts in the field have agreed that if we do not stop using and generating fossil fuels, the likelihood of damaging the life in the ocean is big. They have also extrapolated that so long as the greenhouse emissions are cut down, there is still a chance the consequences not to be so frightening. It has also been concluded by scholars that in the last fifty years, the zones with lowered levels of oxygen in the Atlantic Ocean have enlarged. If protective activities are not timely undertaken, the ocean life is placed at huge risk.

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