What exactly is it?

Groundwater pollutionIt is basically the water underneath the earth surface which can be found in the soil or in the rock pores. It is the main drinking resource and, therefore, its good condition is of vital importance to our health. Nevertheless, it has become a part of our nature to place profit and any pecuniary resources on the first place forgetting about what is wholesome and what is not. Once certain dangerous elements find their way underground we have groundwater pollution. They appear in the liquid we use as a source of drinking.

How does contamination happen?

It occurs in different manners. Firstly, when the rain establishes contact with the soil in which there are hazardous substances present, the underground drinkable fluids qulity is influenced. The contamination may take place when toxic components in liquid state ooze into the ground, mix with it or just abide there without blending.The latter ones which have remained only dipped into the soil do imperil the health as they will be more problematic in the years to come due to the fact that they will spend more time into the soil.

How does groundwater pollution affect people, animals and plants?

The groundwater which has been negatively affected has a detrimental influence on the living creatures after it appears again on the surface land by either natural processes or such performed by people. In many living areas, it is used as a drinking resource. It has other uses – it is utilized by the industries and the farmers exercising agricultural activities. When its quality is poor, it is not salubrious and can lead to the deterioration of our health condition. After drinking or bathing, people or animals may contract multiple diseases. Even the consumption of organisms which have been in contact with the contaminated liquid, we or the animals may face the consequences.

Ways to make it clean again?

Different methods have been implemented so far. The pumping is the most widespread measure used for tackling this problem. The affected groundwater is pumped from the underground and then treated so as to be purged and then pumped back again. In other instances, experts resort to nature and its innate processes – chemical, physical or biological. Slowly but surely they may improve the situation.

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