Chemical water pollutionAgricultural production is dependent on the weather and other factors. If the environmental conditions are unfavorable or there are different pests, thousands of decars planted with crops may be destroyed. This induces huge pecuniary losses and may even lead to starvation in certain areas. In order to prevent themselves and ensure prolific and safe harvest, we have found various solutions. Scientists have invented pest-destroying substances such as the so-called pesticides or herbicides. Indeed, they keep the scourge away but they can backfire. That is so because when the different pesticides find their way to the ground water, they cause water pollution so strong that lives may be claimed. The injurious substances used to protect plants are proven to cause multiple malignancies or other health damages. The environment also takes the consequences of this dangerous chemical use.

DDT and HCB are pesticides which degrade at an extremely slow rate. They have the tendency to get into contact with other species and harm them with their poisonous constituents. Having been done, this interferes with the proper functioning of the ecosystem and leads to unimagined consequences for the ecological balance.
Pesticides are aimed at protecting and the fertilizers are utilized to promote agricultural profusion. As well as the former, the latter also ends up poisoning the environment. Many aquatic animals are severely damaged or even annihilated.

The petroleum is one more example of a pollutant which affects the environment after accidental oil spills. They usually spread over large marine zones and extinguish everything on their way.

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