Oil leakageThe fossil fuels have made it possible for the transportation to become so widespread. Various vehicles can be observed on the roads, in the air or at sea thanks to the petroleum products. Ever since the start of its extraction and use, the petroleum has eased and improved both the passenger and freight transport. When the oil is transported in containers by sea or when it is used as fuel in the ships, as well as if there are platforms or wells around, it poses a serious threat for water pollution. That is so because if there is an oil spill, the consequences are long-lasting and detrimental. The spills are a more common occurrence in the seas or oceans, but it is not impossible to be such on land, too.

Oil spills

The oil which is spilled in the respective marine area may cause an oxygen reduction. It also soaks into the fur of the mammals or the feathers of the birds thus depriving them of their ability to insulate themselves. This makes them less agile and more unstable to changes in the temperature.

The aquatic basins cleaning and purifying activities may take from weeks to decades so as to be successfully completed. Everything depends on the type of petroleum product which has been spilt, the biodegradation and evaporation quality of the water, which depends on its temperature, and the money invested in the cleaning activities.
Serious and responsible steps need to be taken on occasion there has been an oil spill. This is so because it can have a considerable environmental and economic effect. Oil spills may not only diminish the quality of life in the aquatic areas, but they can also annihilate it. Serious and responsible steps need to be taken in order such accidents to be avoided. Although environmentalists have united with actors, singers and sportspeople in a joint effort to make the governments work more in the direction of prevention, still oil spills happen.

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