Fossil fuelsThe element which is indicated as N in the periodic table created by Dmitri Mendeleev is the one which fills up more than 70% of the atmosphere. It is of crucial importance for the existence of the life. Without it, we and the other members of our nature will not be able to survive. However, it is also responsible for the pollution in the air, on the land and even in the aquatic areas. Its excessive presence on earth due to industrial, transportation or agricultural activities can lead to affecting the well-being of the nature and the creatures living in it.

Fossil fuels are the driving force of the modern life but when burned, they lead to smog and cause acid rains. The nitrogen oxides are the most popular and widely present compounds of the element nitrogen. The ammonia, for instance, is given off into the atmosphere after the performance of farming activities or burning of fuels which are fossil in nature. The means of transport and the industrial companies are also major contributors to the presence of these chemicals into the air.

The emissions of NOs are mostly associated with and attributed to:

  • vehicles
  • power plants using coal
  • airplanes
  • ships
  • larger industrial producers and their activities.

Too much nitrogen in the air means that there will be ammonia or nitrogen oxides onto the land too. They can easily be washed away and find their way to the aquatic basins. There they lead to the spread of the so-called algal blooms which in turn reduce the amount of the available oxygen and doom the marine animals to death. That is how the zones known as dead ones are formed.



The businesses are the main contributors to the nutrient excess in the environment and they should perform suitable activities so as to at least partly redeem their fault. For example, the people engaged in industrial activities may try to:

Be Energy Efficient

By trying to be such, they will reduce the noxious emissions into the air and thus will decrease the greenhouse effect.

Purchase Renewable Energy

Businesses need energy so as to keep operating. However, after it has been consumed, it introduces plenty of pollutants into the air. If the companies start buying energy which is generated from renewable resources, it will have a negligible negative effect on the nature.

At Least Manage and Limit the Emissions

In the twentieth-first century, people are informed about all the environmental problems which our society faces. The industrial companies do not have to terminate their business activities, they need to simply manage the greenhouse emissions by preparing schemes and providing for measures and activities aimed at the limitation of the noxious gases giving off.


The commoners may also help for the improvement the environmental condition. We, the ordinary people may do our best to:

Drive Less

The means of transportation are among the leading fossil-fuel burners. People may start using the public transport or carpool instead of driving their cars to work. This will help reduce the noxious gases into the atmosphere and will be beneficial for the family budget as it is also going to save money. Another thing which can be done is to try riding bikes. Once again, it is going to be eco- friendly and also healthier for us.

Do not Waste but Conserve Energy

It is needless to say that most of us are oblivious consumers who do not think about the consequences of our activities. However, if we want to help reduce the nutrient presence around us, we can try simple but significant activities such as turning off the computers when we are not using them or the lights if we are not in the room.
When we purchase electronic equipment which consumes less energy, we will both help the environment and pay smaller electricity bills. If we reduce the use of air conditioning devices, we once again help the environment.

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