1. Air Pollution SolutionsReuse, Reduce and try to Recycle: Nowadays we buy more than ever before and more than we actually need. We should all get used to not getting more than it is necessary and not throwing away everything we think we do not need. We may cancel unwanted mail and subscribe for online news or bills. We may also try purchasing universal products and not different ones for every single purpose. Clothes or toys we do not use any more may be given away to charities. Thus, we will not only help the environment but those who are in need too. On the other hand, jars, bottles or plastic bags can be reused and could come in handy in many different ways. Finally, we should all start recycling when possible because there are plenty of opportunities of doing so.
  2. save eregySave energy: We do not need lights in every room of the house since we are not in every single one of them. Switch them off in case you are away. That is how you unnoticeably help nature because we all know that huge amounts of fossil fuels are burnt so as to provide electricity for the households.
  3. Use energy resources which are renewable: Wind, as well as geothermal or solar types of energy are clean and innocuous. There is even governmental help for those who want to have solar panels installed in their homes but are unable to afford them. Not only is this going to save us money in the long run but it will also reduce the environmental pollution.
  4. Use the public transport: Instead of spending money on gas and polluting while driving your personal car, you may catch the bus or car pool.
  5. Buy and use devices which are energy efficient: The light bulbs which are energy- saving last longer and consume less electricity. This will result in a lower electricity bill at the end of the month and smaller negative impact on the nature.

Our future does not look so bleak as both the governments and the locals have become more than concerned about the problems related to the air pollution. Different types of experiments have been performed and many innovative techniques have been recently introduced for the purpose of decreasing the pollution. What we need to do is think, cooperate and keep our home – the Earth clean.

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