The main five causes of air pollution:

  1. Causes of air pollutionIndoor air pollution: Although we regard ourselves as the ones who have the smallest part in the process and that the industries are the main causes for the current deteriorated state of the environment, we have also done a lot of damage. Different detergents and other cleaning products contain chemicals which when given off, go straight into the air. We are even capable of directly observing and feeling the negative effect of their use. For example, when there is wet paint around all of us find it almost not possible to breathe. This clearly and unambiguously shows how our daily activities can be detrimental for nature.
  2. Fossil Fuels Burning: When coal, petroleum or other fossil fuels are burned, they give off mainly sulphur dioxide which is a main factor in the process of air pollution. For the purpose of making our lives easier, we resort to different means of transportation but they emit plenty of noxious gases. Nitrogen Oxides which appear naturally as well as due to our activities and the CO which is mainly a product of the vehicle use are also substances which have proved to be detrimental for the condition of the ecosystems.
  3. Factories and Industries: During industrial activities huge quantities of chemicals and organic substances, CO and hydrocarbons are emitted. They all greatly reduce the quality of the air we breathe so as to stay alive. The petroleum refineries are another source of hydrocarbons and other chemicals which cause land pollution as well. The places around the world which have remained intact and unaffected by these processes are few.
  4. Mining: It is related to the activities aimed at the extraction of ores and minerals. Many chemicals, as well as dust, are released during the performance of these activities. The air pollution in these places is obvious judging by the weakened health condition of the miners and the people living in the area.
  5. Agricultural Activities us causes of air pollution: They are performed so ensure sustenance for the population. However, hazardous gases are emitted in the process. Ammonia is the one which is the great concentration in the composition of pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers. All of them release noxious chemicals which lead to both air and water pollution.

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