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Air pollution

Air pollutionWe are constantly bombarded with news regarding the worsening state of the environment due to the human activities. Information about the inappropriate disposal of different types of waste can be obtained on a daily basis. The air pollution is a common example which can be connected with the aggravated condition of the air we breathe both inside at home or at the workplace or outside. It can be subdivided into two major groups – visible and invisible.

Generally, we breathe a combination of oxygen and nitrogen and tiny amounts of argon, carbon dioxide and other elements all combined in an ideal proportion providing life. When this balance is disturbed, all living creatures experience health problems. Various are the factors which contribute to the creation of the issue associated with the contamination of the atmosphere. Noxious gases which are emitted by vehicles, factories or even households, biological or chemical agents are all to be blamed for the deterioration of its condition. They all make it harder for vegetation, animals or people to live normally in a clean and salubrious environment.

The most common forms of air pollution

The most common representative of the air pollution is the smog. Even the term itself gives a hint about its essence. It is the dangerous combination between multiple substances given off by factories and vehicles which produce different components which have a detrimental effect on the environment. There are other types of waste which also worsen the quality of the aquatic basins and promote the global warming even more.

pollution fo airThe CO2 is a gas which can be referred to as the major gas which causes and accelerates the warming of the Earth. Despite the fact that it is naturally present in the environment and is produced by people and animals which breathe and is necessary for the plants which process it, when in huge quantities it causes multiple problems in the ambience. We are the reason why there has been so much carbon dioxide around us in the last decades. While performing certain activities related to fossil fuels burning for the purpose of operating power plants or transporting goods or passengers, we generate enormous quantities of CO2. For less than two centuries, we have produced amounts of carbon dioxide which have never been so big for thousands of years.

The CFCs which were once used in the fridges used to also extremely worsen the condition of the environment until, luckily, they were banned. The methane, however, is a gas which appears naturally from bogs and livestock so it is much more difficult for it to be eliminated.

Another factor promoting the climate change is the presence of sulphur dioxide. It is one of the constituents of the smog and, along with several more chemicals, is the cause of the dangerous acid rains which damage both the air and the water we use as potable. The sulphur dioxide is also known to lead to the cooling of some areas as it reflects the light and prevents the sun light of reaching the Earth surface. If there is a volcanic eruption, for example, huge quantities of the component will be released and will decrease the temperatures in the respective areas for years. However, today volcanoes are not a major concern, human activities are.

The developed countries which have huge industries have drawn up plans and implemented solutions aimed at the reduction of the smoke, the smog and the sulphur dioxide. In their effort to help, they did not realise until recently that they do damage again. It was proven that when there is not enough sulphur dioxide into the air, the global warming escalates. When there is too much sulphur dioxide the Earth gets colder, but when its quantity is too small, the Earth gets hotter. Combined with the other gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect, this leads to the presence of even more heat.

Still, measures need to be taken so as to make the place we live cleaner than it is now. The ordinary people are also able to help in the process. We can try driving less or recycle what we use. That is how we can decrease the number of dangerous chemicals in the air and at least reduce the pollution.

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