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Stop water and air pollutionStop water and air pollution (SWAP) is a non-profit organization which has focused its activities on fighting for every person’s right to have ensured and free access to clean and fresh air and drinking water. We are NOT representatives of a charitable organization, we are fully aware that we cannot eliminate the problems related to the deterioration in the quality of the air and the water resources alone. We believe that a few dollars will not change anything. Change can come only from the mind of every one of us. Therefore, we have adopted the mission to do everything we can and make the responsible governmental bodies help to make the positive change. We call for new technologies, which need to be employed in solving the problems, environmental protection and different purification and other types of treatment activities and we are also willing to set up relationships with individuals sharing our cause.
It is hard to neglect the problems related to the shortage of adequate water resources and the concern regarding the drying up of more and more reservoirs around the world. However, it is also hard for some not to neglect the problem. This can be explained with their selfishness, and it can partly be attributed to the fact that most of them have never spent a day without drinking and do not know what it is like to be thirsty. We, the people living in the developed countries have never faced the problem which more than 700 million people need to deal with on a daily basis. Namely, there are millions of people who need to walk several kilometers so as to get some water. One in about ten people is deprived of access to clean drinking resources and improved sanitation.
Together, we can make the change but only if we do care about the environment. If every single one of us makes a tiny effort and try not to waste even a single drop, the world will be a better and healthier place to live.
Like us in the social network because our aim is to make as many people as possible think about the environmental problems. Our goal is to even inspire some of them to establish their local communities for cleaner nature. If we succeed in making even a single parent tell his or her child how important it is to take care of our home – the Earth, we have accomplished a lot. If we can make even a small positive change, then we have succeeded in achieving our goal to live in cleaner surroundings.

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